Sunday, April 5, 2015

Distance spring break

Happy Easter.

I hope everyone enjoys their spring break. As this week comes let's not let our hard work go to waste by not continuing to run daily. With that being said here is this weeks practice and workouts for those that are out of town.

Below is only for people out of town

Lower class: 40 min run. First have at good pace. 2nd have should be at a faster pace. Tempo pace.
Upper class and varsity: 50 minutes doing the same thing.

 Long run at YOUR WARM UP PACE (1:30-2 mins slower than race pace)
Under class: 50 mins
Upper class and varsity: 1 hour

Recovery day: heel walk, toe walk, drills strides, stretch
Under class: 35 min run
Upper class: 45 min run

Fartlek run
Under class: 3 sets of 4 mins
Each set you will do 1 minute jogging and 30 seconds of hard pace. And continue for 4 mins. 5 minute rest after set and repeat.
Upper class and varsity: 3 sets of 5 mins and same rest as under class
Please let's make sure to push ourselves during this workout. We need to push our limits and be able to push through pain and comfort

Recovery day
Same as Wednesday

Friday, March 13, 2015

Long Beach Relays Update

Hello Everyone

Tomorrow we will meet at school by the Gym. Bus leaves at 7:30 so please be there before that with everything ready. Make sure to have your uniform, water, sun block, etc packed by tonight. Please lets bring extra water as it will be very hot tomorrow. Hydrating is key!!

If you are only racing the DMR you are more than welcome to drive to the meet with parents and arrive by 11:30.

Boys F/S (Order is Set)
DMR                                                               4X800 (Optional to Race)
Robert, Adan, Caleb, Manny                           Robert, Caleb, Manny, Adan

Manny, Robert, Adan, Caleb

Girls F/S (order is set)
4X800                                                                                             DMR (Order is set)
A Team: Vanessa, Sara, Kiersten, Amber                              A Team: Vanessa, Amber, Kiersten, Sara
B Team: Brooke, Daisy, Elizabeth, Kylee                            B Team: If there is space Same girls as B                        .                                                                                                            team 4x800 may race

Boys Var
4X800 (Set in Order)                                                        DMR (Set in Order)
Team A: Ryan, Tim, Kaito, Mario                                Tim, Daniel R, Nick, Ryan
Team B: Aziz, Daniel R,  Leo, Eziekiel                          Mario, Kaito, Aziz, Leo

Girls Var
4X1600 (Set In Order)
Rachael, Megan, Jessica N, Arianna

DMR (Set in Order)
Team A: Rachael, Elizabeth R, Sierra, Arianna

Girls 4x1600
Boys 4X1600
10 events between
Girls F/S 4x800
Bopys F/S 4x800
4 events
Girls Var 4x800
Boys Var 4x800
4 events 
Girls F/S DMR
Boys F/S DMR
Girls Var DMR
Boys Var DMR

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hello Everyone

Tomorrow we will be having a Dual Meet against Santa Fe High School. Just like last week everyone will be doing both the 1600 and 800.. Unless you are injured then talk to me and we will have you do something different. Santa Fe does have a good distance team and they should be taken serious. Everyone has been working really hard. Lets keep those fast times coming.

There will be a few racing the 3200. If you would like to just do the 3200 instead of the 2 events please comment below if not then you will have a surprise when you get to the track and there will be a list of the ones doing the 3200.

Saturday: Long Beach Relays

Boys F/S
Manny, Robert, Caleb and Adan will be racing 4x800, 4x1600, DMR

Boys Var:
DMR.. Team 1
Tim, Aziz, Nick, Ryan

DMR.. Team 2
Nick, Brian, Daniel H, Daniel R

4x800 boys Var
Team 1... Tim, Ryan, Nick, Brian
Team 2.. Mario Daniel H, Aziz,

Girls Var
DMR 1: Rachael, Elizabeth, Sierra, Arianna
DMR 2: Megan, Kana, Ella, Jessica

Girls Var 4x1600
Rachael, Megan, Jessica, Arianna

Girls Var 4x800
Sierra, Kana, Ella, Ellie

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3rd Annual Palo Verdes Invitational.

What an amazing way to start the season.  I would be lying if I said I expected everyone to run that fast on tired legs..  because I didn't. As season progresses so will the mileage so please make sure everyone is taking care of their bodies. This means eating healthy, stay HYDRATED, making sure we stat on top of our school work. On days that we have off use that time to catch up on homework and lastly make sure we are all icing our lower body at least 15 mins a day.

Past meet results will be updated here in the next couple of days.

This Saturday March 7th a few selective athletes will be competing at Palo Verdes High School. All athletes running the Mile should arrive no later than 8:30am. The schedule of the meet is as follow.

Palos Verdes High School | 600 Cloyden Rd | Palos Verdes Estates| CA | 90274

9:15 am - Open 1600m
9:30am - 4x100m
100m/110 Hurdles
Sprint Medley (100-100-200-400)
300m Hurdles
Distance Medley (1200-400-800-1600)

Boys F/S 1600m                                                       Boys F/S 3200m
Manny G.                                                                  Manny G.
Robert W.                                                                  Robert W.

Girls F/S 800m                                                        Girls F/S 1600m
Vanessa C.                                                                Vanessa C.
Sara S.                                                                       Sara S.
Amber S.                                                                   Amber S.

Boys Var 1600m                                                      Boys Var 3200m
Ryan M.                                                                    Ryan M.
Timothy F                                                                 Timothy F.

Girls Var 800m                                                       Girls Var 1600m
Sierra G.                                                                   Rachael D.
Megan N.                                                                 Arianna A.

Girls Var 3200m
Arianna A.

Friday, February 27, 2015

4x800 and DMR

4x800 g/s
Team 1: Brooke, Elizabeth, Kylee, Daisy
Team 2: Sierra, Paige, Kiersten, Megan
Team 3: Vanessa, Nancy, Sara, Amber

DMR g/s
Team 1: Vanessa, Nancy, Sara, Amber
Team 2: Rylie, Maddie, Leah, Emily P

4x800 b/s
Team 1: Aiden, Caleb, Robert, Manny

Team 1: Manny, Caleb, Aiden, Robert

Drake you will be doing the 1000

4x800 g/v
Rhiannon, ELLIE, Ella, Kana

Ariana, Ella, Kana, Rhiannon.

Someone tell ELLIE and Ella no 5000 for them

Boys V 4x800
Kyto, Aziz, Mario,______

DMR boys V
Team 1:
Kyto, Aziz, Mario, Ezekiel

Team 2: Tim, Daniel R, _________, Ryan.

Spots are open if you feel you want to step up and run those blank spots let me know. Or I'll pick someone tomorrow if you are not on the list I will add you tomorrow

Distance Entry

Some of you will also be racing in the 4x800 and DMR.  Everyone should arrive to the track by no later than 9am.  For the exception of Airiana, Ellie and Ella.
Some of you will also run a different event that is shown on list

1000 Meter (1K) - Men's Varsity
    Alan Carlos113:10.0h
    Alexander Trombley113:00.0h
    Bryan Klunk113:00.0h
    Daniel Hong113:00.0h
    Leonardo Amador124:45.0h
1000 Meter (1K) - Women's Varsity
    Ella Gregory113:45.0h
    Ellie Litien113:45.0h
    Madison Chomori124:00.0h
1000 Meter (1K) - Men's Frosh / Soph
    Logan Nieto93:30.0h
    Logan Zaks93:20.0h
    Shohei Yamashita93:30.0h
    Timothy Gould93:45.0h
1000 Meter (1K) - Women's Frosh / Soph
    Amanda Lee94:00.0h
    Brooke Oto94:00.0h
    Daisey Cendejas94:05.0h
    Emily Hernandez104:30.0h
    Emily Peay94:01.0h
    Grace Henneford94:00.0h
    Kylee Cochran94:05.0h
    Leah Adame94:00.0h
    Lisa Loera104:00.0h
1600 Meter - Men's Varsity
    Alexander Trombley115:20.0h
    Bryan Klunk115:20.0h
    Daniel Hong115:20.0h
    Daylen Kung124:40.0h
    Ezekiel Hernandez125:10.0h
    Leonardo Amador125:15.0h
    Ryan Mizukami124:40.0h
    Timothy Fuentes124:40.0h
1600 Meter - Women's Varsity
    Arianna Anderson95:35.0h
    Ellie Litien116:15.0h
    Rachael De La Cruz125:25.0h
    Rhiannon Meredith126:20.0h
1600 Meter - Men's Frosh / Soph
    Franklin Gatz106:00.0h
    Manuel Gil94:55.0h
    Robert Williams104:55.0h
    Shane Inaba95:25.0h
    Timothy Gould96:50.0h
1600 Meter - Women's Frosh / Soph
    Alysa Wells107:00.0h
    Elizabeth Delgadllo96:40.0h
    Elizabeth Figureoa97:00.0h
    Hannah Valliere96:50.0h
    Lisa Loera107:00.0h
    Maddie Estrada96:30.0h
High Jump - Women's Varsity
    Madison Chomori124' 4"
High Jump - Men's Frosh / Soph
    Christian Stephens9No Mark
    Dominic Dupree10No Mark
    Justin Sears9No Mark
High Jump - Women's Frosh / Soph
    Ashley Kamidoi10No Mark
    Emily Pereira103' 10"
    Esmeralda Macias10No Mark
Long Jump - Men's Varsity
    Edward Rah1219' 0"
    Elijah Jones1219' 5"
Long Jump - Women's Varsity
    Madison Chomori1214' 1"
    Sara Jaber11No Mark
Long Jump - Men's Frosh / Soph
    Christian Stephens9No Mark
    Dominic Dupree10No Mark
    Justin Sears9No Mark
Long Jump - Women's Frosh / Soph
    Ashley Kamidoi10No Mark
    Emily Pereira1012' 0"
    Esmeralda Macias1012' 0"
Pole Vault - Men's Varsity
    Isaiah Gallardo1212' 0"
    Sam Munro1110' 6"
Pole Vault - Women's Varsity
    Autumn Frlekin119' 0"
    Erica Bautista116' 0"
    Kristen Fernandez12No Mark
    Lee-Anne Aranda116' 0"
    Margarita Lopez117' 0"
    Tatiana Dunbar118' 0"
Pole Vault - Men's Frosh / Soph
    Andrew Dang10No Mark
Pole Vault - Women's Frosh / Soph
    Chloe Frlekin9No Mark
    Sana Dadi10No Mark
Discus Throw - Men's Varsity
    Adrian Skelton12115' 0"
    Adrian Taylor1290' 0"
    Thomas Craig11119' 4"
Discus Throw - Men's Frosh / Soph
    Joshua Molina10No Mark
    Lucas Mayfield10No Mark
    Russell Bonnaud9No Mark
    Shonnu Ba Thung10No Mark
Discus Throw - Women's Varsity
    Miranda Mata11No Mark
    Tiffany Baughn1265' 0"
Discus Throw - Women's Frosh / Soph
    Andrea Amador10No Mark
    Brianna Ventura10No Mark
Shot Put - Men's Varsity
    Adrian Skelton1239' 0"
    Adrian Taylor1236' 0"
    Thomas Craig1139' 0.50"
Shot Put - Women's Varsity
    Miranda Mata11No Mark
    Tiffany Baughn1226' 2"
Shot Put - Men's Frosh / Soph
    Joshua Molina10No Mark
    Lucas Mayfield10No Mark
    Russell Bonnaud9No Mark
    Shonnu Ba Thung10No Mark
Shot Put - Women's Frosh / Soph
    Andrea Amador10No Mark
    Brianna Ventura10No Mark
4x800 Meter Relay - Men's Varsity
    Relay Team9:00.0h
4x800 Meter Relay - Women's Varsity
    Relay Team 111:55.0h
4x800 Meter Relay - Men's Frosh / Soph
    Relay Team 19:00.0h
4x800 Meter Relay - Women's Frosh / Soph
    Relay Team 111:20.0h
    Relay Team 110:30.0h
    Relay Team 210:55.0h
800M Sprint Medley Relay - Men's Varsity
    Relay Team 31:34.0h
1600M Sprint Medley Relay - Men's Varsity
    Relay Team 13:35.0h
1600M Sprint Medley Relay - Men's Frosh / Soph
    Relay Team 13:55.0h
    Relay Team 13:50.0h
1600M Sprint Medley Relay - Women's Varsity
    Relay Team 24:25.0h
1600M Sprint Medley Relay - Women's Frosh / Soph
    Relay Team 14:55.0h
    Relay Team 14:50.0h
Distance Medley Relay - Men's Varsity
    Relay Team 211:00.0h
    Relay Team 111:45.0h
Distance Medley Relay - Women's Varsity
    Relay Team 213:00.0h
Distance Medley Relay - Men's Frosh / Soph
    Relay Team 112:00.0h
Distance Medley Relay - Women's Frosh / Soph
    Relay Team 115:00.0h
    Relay Team 114:00.0h
8x200 Meter Relay - Men's Varsity
    Relay Team 23:10.0h
8x200 Meter Relay - Women's Varsity
    Relay Team 13:40.0h
8x200 Meter Relay - Men's Frosh / Soph
    Relay Team 13:25.0h
8x200 Meter Relay - Women's Frosh / Soph
    Relay Team 14:00.0h

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Signal Hill practice for Distance runners

This Saturday we will be venturing off to Discovery Well in Signal Hill

We won't be taking the whole team as this will be a tough practice days. So only athletes that are injured free and in shape will be ask to come.

With that being said parents we will need your help with carpooling to Signal Hill.

We will meet Saturday the 14 at the track and leave before 6:30 am. The goal is to be back at school by 9:00am. The drive is about 15 mins.

2200 Temple Avenue, Signal Hill, CA 90755

If you are able to carpool. Please let your son/daughters to let me know. Thank you

Friday, February 6, 2015

Welcome all 2015 Distance Runners

This Saturday we will be at West Torrance for an All-Comers meet.
We will meet there at 8:30 to do the 1600m. If you wish to stay and do the 800 or 3200 you are more than welcome to. I suggest run the 1600m, go home and come back for that event. As this will be a very long track meet.

Cost: $10 (unlimited events)

Please bring plenty of fluids and snacks to munch on.

Athletes should be there no later than 8:30

Location: West Torrance High School, 20401 Victor St, Torrance CA 90503




SMR (200-200-400-400) 


If you have any questions please feel free to email or text me. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Redondo Invite

Friday Night 
Please show up 1 1/2 hours before your race. Schedule is at bottom and we will be in stands by start line.
I had told many of you, you were going to compete but due to the competition of meet and the high number of athletes in this meet some of you were not able to have the standards.

3200 heat 1

Girls F/S DMR
Reiko,_______, Caitlyn, Ella

Girls Var DMR
Rachael, Elizabeth, Rhiannon, Jessica

Boys F/S DMR
Nick, Daniel, Bryan, Robert


Girls F/S 1600m
Reiko  heat 1
Ella heat 2

Girls Var 1600m
Jessica heat 2
Rachael heat 3

Boys Var 1600m
Robert heat 1
Daylen heat 1

Girls F/S 800
Ella heat 1
Reiko heat 2

Boys F/S 800
Nick Heat 2

Girls Var 800
Rhiannon heat 1
Jessica heat 2
Rachael 3

Boys Var 800
Daylen heat 1


Track Events Time Schedule – 2014

*Rolling Schedule – we will run ahead of schedule whenever possible*


Time Event Heats:

6:30pm B VAR 3200m (2

7:00pm G F/S Distance Medley (1)

7:20pm B F/S Distance Medley (1)

7:40pm G VAR Distance Medley (1)

8:00pm B VAR Distance Medley (1)

Time Event Div Heats:

9:00am G F/S 1600m (3)

9:24am B F/S 1600m (4)

9:54am G F/S 4x100m Relay (3)

10:38am G VAR 1600m (3)

11:00am B VAR 1600m (4)

4:30pm G F/S 800m (3)

 B F/S 800m (3)

5:00pm G VAR 800m (4)

 B VAR 800m (4)

- Meet Break / Reset -

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Zamperini Distance Entries Updated

Due to the size of our team some will be doing 2 events while others are doing 1. Also some events are based on workouts I want you to do or I haven't seen you race enough.

P.S. If you are missing on this list please let me know!! Sorry

Arrival Times
Boys 5k - 8:30 AM
Girls 5K - 9:00 AM
4x800 - 9:00AM
1600 - 10:00AM

Boys F/S

5K: Robert

1600: Brian, Alan, Mario

DMR: Brian, ______, Nick, Robert

Girls F/S

5K: Ella "The Elegant" Gregory

Team A: Reiko, Kana, Kayla, Andrea
Team B: Ellie, Chloie, Sarah, Hannah (Lisa Luera)

1600: Karen, Vanessa, Reiko, Kana, Ellie

1000: Chelsey, Miranda, Olinda, Emily, Lisa, Cielo, Alysa

Team A: Reiko, ______, Kana, Ella
Team B: Kayla, _______, Vanessa, Ellie
Team C: Karen, ________, Sarah, Chloie
Team D: Hannah, _______, Lisa, Andrea

Boys V

5K: Daylen

1600: Ryan, Ezekiel

DMR: Daylen, ______, Ezekiel, Ryan

Girls V

5K: Rhiannon

4X800: Jessica, Kristen, Katie, Dani

1600: Jessica

DMR: Katie, Jessica, Rhiannon, Kristen